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Mounia Aram Company prides itself in an impressive portfolio of projects developed by African creators.


The MakerBolts - 52x11' (Nigeria)

Animation comedy and adventure by SMIDS animation studio, first Nigerian animation studio to win MIFA Pitch “Animation du Monde” 2018. The show follows the adventures of best friends Zina, Bini & Toni in a fictional city of Lagville where they build all sort of fun gadget and invention with scarps from an abandoned junkyard. Each episode they have challenges to solve ranging from little everyday challenges to fun adventures to solution that help the larger community.

Message Beats - 36x11' (Ghana)

Message Beats_animation_cover_Mounia-Aram-Company

An excellent 36×11′ 2D animation production by Natasha Nayo & Lizz Johnson (Star Cre8tor), winners of Digital Lab Africa 2020 from Ghana.

Message Beats is about the adventure of an odd village-girl named Adia. She accidentally awakens a magical talking drum and becomes the new Magical Drummer, defending her home and village from dangerous spirit monsters.

The TroubleMakers - Feature and series (Mozambique)

An incredible production by FX Animation, Mozambique. Another amazing thing about The Troublemakers is that it is both the first 22×7′ animated series from Mozambique but its first ever 90′ feature 3D-CGi movie.

The story is that of Lili, Stretch and ZeGordo, three kids from Mozambique. One day Lili’s grandmother (Mathilde) got poisoned. The kids embark on an adventure in search for possible cure for the grandmother, as it is something that conventional medicine cannot help.


Content available for distribution

Mounia Aram company is also a major distributor of the most popular animation content.

Splash Entertainment catalogue​

Splash Entertainment is an American distributor and producer. Their catalogue is made of More than 240 hours of programs.

Mounia Aram Company is representing Splash Entertainment in the Middle East and Africa by distributing their catalogue in these regions.


The Adventures of Kam Kam - 52x7' (Jamaica)


The Adventures of KamKam is a heartful and action-packed 52×7′ 2D animation series straight from Jamaica, by Listen Mi Caribbean Limited.

KamKam wants to become a space explorer and go where no one has ever gone before. Her imagination turns everyday experiences into “intergalacticosmical” space adventures.

Zoom the White Dolphin - 52x13' (France)


The series —long of 52 episodes of 13min each— tells the story of Yann, a diving-mad teenager, and Marina, his adorable 7-year old sister. Yann and Marina live with their uncle, Patrick, an oceanographer, on Maotou, a paradisiac and remote island in the Pacific Ocean. When Yann meets Zoom, a mysterious and remarkably intelligent white dolphin, it is the start of an indestructible friendship.

Distribution in French-speaking territories.

The Triplets - 78x7' (France)

In this 78×7′ series, three kids of the same age: the Triplets! Three kids of the same age at home means three times as much fun, pranks, and love. Add a touch of adventure, the sort you find at the corner of the street, springing from a child’s buzzing imagination.
And don’t forget the humour of our mischievous heroes. Add a pretty mum who is overwhelmed and a French bulldog who is a resigned philosopher. Sprinkle well with colorful secondary characters (including a grandpa who just can’t wait to become a child again.)

Worldwide distribution rights.

The-Triplets_animated series_Mounia-Aram-Company

Lil Doc - 52x2'30" (Canada)

Lil Doc is a 52×2’30” animated series by Gala Production and Radio Canada Solutions Media. The show targets children aged 6 to 9 and is composed of short humor-filled episodes focused on all things medical which explain illnesses and injuries of all kinds (ex : what does it mean to have a cold? What’s cancer? What’s stress all about? Why did I get a stomach flu? Is it normal to sneeze when spring arrives? I’ve sprained my ankle, is it serious? My grandma has Alzheimer, what does it mean?…)

Distribution in Middle East and Africa.


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