Welcome to Mounia Aram Company!

Mounia ARAM is a creative entrepreneur who created her own Production and Distribution company Mounia Aram Company in 2019.

Mounia started her career in the entertainment industry in 2003 at ShoPro Entertainment (Japanese Animation) in San Francisco, USA, where she learned all the different sides of the licensing business from TV Sales to Merchandising Sales and DVD Sales. When she came back to France she pursued her career in the animation industry working for multiple distributors ( From Viz Media Europe to Toei Animation).

Mounia has a Moroccan heritage, she was born in Casablanca – Morocco, and she grew-up in France. Mounia is fluent in French, English and Arabic. She has strong interpersonal skills and she has built through all these years a strong network of trusted partners and clients.

She decided to launch her own company not only as business leader but moreover to defend her belief: Africa is a continent that should matter.
She also wants to bring the African animation stories, movies and series to the success they deserve in the international market. She wants to build more awareness around the continent and the 54 countries it is made of. Each country that has its own culture, stories, and specific characters that all kids can relate on.

The goal is to be part of the economic boom of these industries in Africa and grant them an international exposure.

With her 17 years background and experience, Mounia Aram is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with the others through mentoring session during big events.

And she is also asked to give masterclasses abroad to teach about the mechanism of Distribution and Production to students in different schools and different countries in Africa!