Mounia Aram Company is a production and distribution company set up in 2019 by Mounia Aram.


Production is about finding incredible projects from Africa that we believe to be fit to market and want to invest in to bring them to life. As a producer our role is to look for the best studio, the right partner with the right team to start working on the project.


Distribution is Mounia Aram Company’s main activity. In addition to distributing its african projects internationally; Mounia Aram Company distributes high quality programs from other distributors and producers in Middle East and Africa.


Mounia Aram Company is also offering consultancy services. With our wide expertise and experience on the continent we have a lot to offer.

Update: Mounia Aram elected as member of International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Matchmaking with the most talented directors, writers, animators from the entire continent; from Morocco to Nigeria, Ghana to South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda. Mounia Aram Company boasts of a large and carefully curated network made up of talented and trusted professionals in Africa we are proud to recommend. This service will be available for all categories of programs: Animation, Documentaries, fiction, web series…

Acquisition of african content: Selection and negociation of acquisition of Animation, fiction, documentaries and webseries from the entire continent.

Masterclass and mentoring session.

Are you a producer? Broadcaster, or an investor?

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